Sankiti is not just a game. It's a thrilling fusion of action, adventure, party, and real-time strategy that guarantees endless fun for the whole family.

Your ultimate family adventure!

Welcome to the enigmatic planet Nongi, nestled in a distant solar system. You, the valiant hero, embark on a daring mission, dispatched from your home planet for a mission of cosmic importance. As you set foot on Nongi, your home planet's fate is in your hands. The catch? You're dropped onto the map at random, and your rivals – be they family or friends – are scattered across the planet's expanse. Your quest? Be the first to uncover and seize the coveted Sankiti stone – a radiant, purple gem brimming with unfathomable power, found only on this magical planet.

The adventure is unpredictable, with surprises at every turn

  • Forge alliances with unexpected allies, like a friendly forest mouse, who can guide you closer to the coveted Sankiti stone.
  • Face challenges head-on as you might fall into treacherous underground tunnels, clawing your way back to the forefront.
  • Test your courage in epic showdowns against the formidable gods of Nongi, competing for supremacy against fellow champions. Only the last one standing will claim the lead!

Find your unique character

Choose your one-of-a-kind champion from a vast selection of brave and lovable characters. All sent to Sankiti for different reasons and all with unique abilities and personalities. 

Introducing groundbreaking party game mechanics

When its the turn to take the reins your character is brought into the center.

The other players characters resides in the corners of the screen. 

Still interactable for things like mini challenges to gain item advantages or displaying emotions. 

A truly unique set up that allows everyone to enjoy the thrills of the game at all times.